Adobe’s Project Aero lights up the skies

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Adobe wants to keep all types of designers invested in its Creative Cloud packages, so Project Aero is a new part of the overall suite that can help developers and artists build 3D augmented worlds using familiar tools like Photoshop CC and Dimension CC.

Currently in early access,¬†Adobe is partnering with Apple, which recently announced support for the “USDZ” format in ARKit 2, among the other open source standards that Aero supports. Also, Aero was on show at WWDC to tempt developers to work with the platform.

With so many ways to create augmented apps, art and projects, the market will be keen to grab and attract designers with new features and easier ways to create, which has to be good news as more people look to create in AR, without necessarily having the experience or design budget to build complex projects.

The big question is, what do you do your AR design in? And are you looking for new tools to help create?



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