Apple looking at AR glasses for 2020

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We know that Apple and several other big names are working on augmented reality glasses, but by and large, the detail remains hidden firmly away in the R&D lab. Bloomberg has somehow sneaked out some information that suggests Apple will launch its product running rOS, another fork in the iOS roadmap.

Given the tiny space for hardware in a set of glasses, Apple will be looking for the lowest-power components and a very focused and compact way of addressing it, which necessitates a further revision of what’s gone into Apple Watch. The different type of display will also change how Apple needs to present information on the glasses, all of which creates new challenges.

These will take time for even the talented types at Apple to overcome, which explains why the 2020 timeline (which is only just over two years away) is a reasonable launch point. Even then, Apple will be quite happy if it isn’t first to market, as long as it can cram in that Apple secret-sauce that will keep fans keen. Facebook and other players may well arrive sooner, but there’s so much scope for innovation that there’s likely to be plenty of room for many players.

There are quite a few Apple patent sketches out there to peer at, but nothing with any detail or specific interest. And there’s plenty of time for all the companies to change their plans, their minds or give up totally.

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