AR comes to your cereal packet

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Long gone are the days of fun toys in your packet of cereal. Instead, in recent years, brands have been sending children to interactive sites or apps for their fun and games. Kelloggs has taken the next logical step now as it goes all trick or treat using Shazam codes on cereal for the younger audience.

The codes on the packet in Australian stores lead to an AR experience site where people can throw virtual goo at faces, have fun, get recipes for seasonal cereal-based treats and so on. It also links to the company’s Amazing Creations site that promotes healthy eating, so ticks the good-for-children badge.

Expect more of this kind of activity as brands look to experiment with AR, and children¬†demand more than just a book or a dull toy in their treats.¬† There’s no sign if this will reach any of the company’s other territories, but if successful, we’d expect to see future campaigns around the world try this to engage with the all-digital generation.

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