AR now leads directly to 3D printing

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Technology is always cooler in the research labs of universities. So it is not a surprise that Cornell has some great hardware that may one day end up in business, industry or design studios. The technology lets a creator build an item in 3D using AR glasses, rather than using the typical flatscreen.

Using 3D and AR, the creator can naturally move around the piece and zoom in and out of the details. The printer can start printing one part of the design as soon as it is ready, while the designer carries on with the next phase.

The 3D printer can then produce the final result, there’s no price as you can’t buy the Robotic Modeling Assistant (RoMA), but designs like it could make art, design or manufacture easier and more natural in future.

AR is a huge market and can play a major role in industry in the coming years, but for now these types of designs remain in the labs until they can work in the real world.

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