Augmented Reality goes to War with Airbus’ Holographic Sandbox

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We all know the military loves technology, and AR is no different. And, when the military spends big bucks, there are plenty of big companies ready to develop cutting-edge technology to keep the cash rolling in. The latest effort comes from one of the biggest players, Airbus Defence and Space (a 10 billion euro business) which is showing off its  Holographic Tactical Sandbox.

Using glasses-based augmented reality, it is designed for operations planning and briefing using a 3D-generated holographic map. Replacing paper, and even good-old sand and rocks on actual battlefields, it provides the whole chain of command with a view and vital information about a mission, all through secure digital communications.

It is easy to imagine special forces planning their time-limited operations in this manner, with a range of other assets involved and the need for approval from top brass for high-value missions. Shortening how long that process takes and getting extra input (like live drone feeds, intel and knowledge from other operators used to the area) could all help improve planning speed and reduce the risk factor.

Oddly enough, don’t think we’ll be ordering this in PC World anytime soon, and if you have to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it! Lucky .mil types can see the technology at Eurosatory, a defence trade fair taking place in Paris this week.

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