Augmented reality to assist and entertain at Super Bowl LII

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The Super Bowl is all about the big game, the half-time show and some very tacky or inspiring adverts, depending on the brand.

However, this year, augmented reality will make a big impact for a wide range of people watching the show live at theĀ U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota or on TV. The February 4th climax to this year’s NFL season is featuring AR in all sorts of ways.

Ticket distributor StubHub is using AR to help people find their seats in the stadium, and will also guide them around events for the big weekend with the New England Patriots taking on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Virtex Arena is an app launching in time for the game that lets fans take part in live challenges during the Super Bowl. Players can use AR games from their seats, with virtual characters allowing players to pass or kick on the actual field of play.

Expect plenty more AR features to pop up around the game and in the adverts as the technology becomes one of the big selling points for immersive entertainment.

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