Berlin airport goes on an AR gaming shopping spree

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Airport shopping can be something of an anti-climax in the security-heavy, rush-rush-rush of modern transport. However, Heinemann is helping liven things up for passengers at Berlin’s Schönefeld International airport. Shoppers can win discounts on purchases thanks to an augmented-reality app.

They get to play games on dedicated tablets, bursting AR balloons around the store to win up to 20% discounts or a €100 voucher to help attract attention to the store, with the game showing on big-screens via Apple TV to encourage others to join in.

Heinemann has duty-free stores in airports around the world, and if this festive treat takes off, it could soon be appearing at Frankfurt, Sydney, Vienna and other locations.

Berlin is rapidly becoming a tech startup magnet as London struggles with Brexit woes. 2018’s Landing Festival is a major recruitment and showcase for the city’s tech scene, ideal for anyone looking to relocate and work in the city, and for businesses to attract the latest computing, AR/VR and other digital talents.

Hopefully, schemes like this will show visitors the potential for Berlin’s startup and tech scene while showing other retailers that shopping can be more interactive with AR. This particular offer runs to the 24th of December.

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