BoatPilot AR brings augmented maps and services to sailors

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Boating, from superyachts to simple cruisers and sailboats is a growth industry with ever-growing numbers of boat clubs and moorings around the world’s coasts.

Planning to take advantage of that market is BoatPilot, a scheme to bring augmented reality to navigators beyond that of cargo and tanker commercial vessels. using either a tablet or a set of AR glasses, pilots can see navigation markers, channel depths, facilities and points of interests without taking their eyes off the busy waterways.

That’s also useful during night navigation or during poor weather. To navigate the seas of development costs, the company is looking for investment¬†and will likely find plenty from the well-heeled owners and boat builders who are looking for an engaging and well designed solution to a generation of skippers who lack the long-time experience of previous generations that started out in smaller vessels, or had the time for a full raft of seaman’s exams.

The BoatPilot company is using a cryptocurrency in NAVI tokens to help raise funds, which can be used by owners via the PocketSkipper app to buy services when out on the water and in harbour. That’s a compelling offering and the trials and beta have been successful in and around the developer’s Mediterranean base.

Token bonuses are available for a month, so get signed up if you want to be a part of the future of smart AR boating.

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