Facebook Adds AR Features to Messenger

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Facebook’s Messenger app is already throbbing with brand chatbots willing to talk to you about sports, shopping, health and other issues. And now the social media company, despite the recent privacy fuss, is looking to add dating features to the site and augmented reality for brands in Messenger.

At the F8 2018 Facebook event, the company revealed thta companies can use the Camera Effects Platform to integrate AR into their Messenger experience. With access to the camera, users can try out various filters and AR effects relevant to whatever brand is talking to them. From there, people can share the image or video to their Facebook friends via a story or post.

Blending AR effects and messaging solves a real problem for people shopping online. There are some situations where people need to visualize a product before they feel comfortable buying it. This feature is the latest addition for the Facebook AR Studio, which powers expressive and immersive experiences across our family of apps.

Is the company becoming too big, too powerful and too much of a data hog? That’s a different question but it will likely take many millions of users leaving the service to make Mark Zuckerberg and his design teams change their course away from gulping down data like blue whales.

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