Fashion Store Zara Puts AR Catwalks on the Floor

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With more retailers and stores closing by the week, attracting and keeping customers coming is vital for the survivors. Many have already linked into online shopping, click and collect, and other ways to attract app-focused shoppers, but the pressure continues to grow for even successful brands.

Augmented reality will feature in Zara’s stores around the world from April, with sensors around the clothing racks able to link to customer’s smartphones. The Spanish firm’s customers can see models strutting their stuff on a mini catwalk, wearing the range on┬áthe shelves available to buy online and pick up there and then.

It doesn’t sound particularly augmented, or useful to the typical┬ácustomer, so it may be a case of press agencies like Reuters picking up a press release, with other sites parroting the story and repeating the “news” with no understanding of the technology. Still, we’ll wait and see what Zara has to say, given the news is out but there’s nothing on the company Twitter or YouTube channel to highlight the move or show it off.

Other retailers are doing a whole lot more with AR, so whatever Zara finally shows off, hopefully it will make an impact and encourage rivals to take action.

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