Firefox Launches Mixed Reality Browser

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Is text and the still image dead? Not yet, but Firefox and other companies are preparing for a world where we interact more through augmented and virtual reality than we do through the written word.

Firefox’s new Reality browser offers cross-platform compatibility, regardless of device. It is designed around 3D content, working with voice and word recognition¬†services to remove the need for typing and reading.

The trouble with this news is, it is very early days, so there’s little in the way of stuff to show off, without getting all pre-rendered hype machine, and over-loading user expectations.

It looks like AR browsing will be a slow-burn technology gradually appearing alongside regular browser content and then slowly taking over as developers get up to speed and users accept the change. Sure, it won’t replace big-read content, but for many other uses, such as instructions, product inspection,¬† recognition-based tasks and so on would all benefit from augmented and mixed reality.


Follow the blog for upcoming stories and the evolution of this browser. While Firefox has been crushed by Google’s Chrome in the recent browser wars (5.5% to 75.6% in the latest stats), there’s some hope that it could make a comeback.

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