Get arty with Apple’s ARKit

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A new demo shows off the potential for art and creativity using augmented reality. This neat trick uses ARKit and the Vision Framework to track movement and create a painting or object based on user movement. While just an early look at what’s ¬†possible, it could be easily used in tracing games for children, puzzles that require linking AR objects and practical uses, such as quick sketches or ways to memorise something.

There’s a full write up of the demo here¬†with source code and the features of iOS 11 employed. The final result can be saved as a 3D obhect, or saved as an image. There is some rather clever coding involved and obviously, others could take the results a lot further, with various brush types, palettes and other features to create a fully-formed app.

How would you use this sort of technology in your AR apps?

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