Golf goes augmented with PGA TOUR AR app

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Presumably in a bid to make golf vaguely interesting to watch, the PGA has released an iOS ARKIt app. PGA TOUR AR lets fans interact with 3D featured holes and live 3D shot trails viewed on a flat surface. With Tiger Woods slowly recovering some form, perhaps this will help get some more fans back.

Starting with the Arnold Palmer Invitational, a few featured holes¬†will be given the AR treatment throughout the season. Users can select their favorite player on the golf course, compare shot trails from each round and shots of different players. Apparently, there’s in no option to tone down the lurid trousers and tee-shirts that some golfers wear!

An update later this year will provide on-course AR experiences so the idiots whooping from the edges of the fairway can hold up their device in front of any hole and see shot trails for selected players live or from previous rounds. That’s pretty cool and built on how every shot is monitored by a back-end system for total stat heaven.

Other possible features include AR maps of facilities around the courses for visitors to events in-play highlights plus 360-degree views.¬†“New technologies are exciting, but only if they can add a new and valuable dimension to an experience,” said Ben Reubenstein, CEO, POSSIBLE Mobile. “Golf is a perfect fit for leveraging augmented reality by providing a cutting-edge way for fans to interact with the sport.”

Looks like there’s no plan for an Android version. But at least this is a step up from the rather feeble NBA AR game offering.

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