Golfshot Adds AR Golfscape to Make Driving Easier

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Golfshot is already a popular app for fans of the 19th hole. It helps track accuracy, shots, scores and so on. Now with Golfscape, it can help players learn their way around courses better. It can help them figure out the least risky approach shot and provide distance to the green among other features.

The modern golfer already has plenty of apps on their device to improve their game and it was only natural that AR would play a part. If you play golf and use one of these apps, let us know if it is really useful, or just one of those marketing gimmicks that every similar app will soon be sporting.

If that sounds a bit like cheating, then you’re probably right. Fortunately, golf is one of the sports where player-based AR can really thrive. Imagine how upsetting it would be if NBA stars or street-court players stopped to check their ideal shooting angle every shot, or archers had their phone mounted on the bow to provide the perfect wind-adjusted shot?

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