Google brings Article for AR on the Web

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The gap between augmented reality on a mobile device with dedicated forward-looking camera and a desktop or notebook PC that’s less flexible and without a handy camera is a big one. But developers are still looking at bringing AR experiences to the PC browser. Google is the latest to have a go, with its WebAR initiative “Article” for iOS and Android browsers, plus PCs.

The download kit can add augmented content to a webpage and show off the AR feature in the most suitable way for the device. On  A PC, users can rotate the 3D image, while on a mobile, users can go full AR and show it on a table and move around it or interact in other ways.


Everything is still very much in experimental mode, with the onus on coders to get out there and start work to see what sticks. Follow the #WebAR hashtag to see what folks are doing. But, in a year or so, we could have a system where AR is more friendly in the browser and more accessible whatever the device.

In other Google news, ARCore developer preview 2 went live just before Christmas, with a full version one launch expected within the coming months.

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