Google’s Just A Line AR Squiggle App Now on iOS

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Apple users can join in the fun with Google’s AR video creation tool. It lets people draw lines or basic shapes in augmented reality and create a short video clip of them. More fun than it sounds, Just A Line can work across two phones, be they Android or iOS devices to help share the experience, with the final video clip watchable on any device or social media. 

From doodles to playing games and making impromptu street art, without getting fined for graffiti, the app will now benefit from a wider audience and likely help raise the profile. On the other hand, groups of people pointing their phone in dingy street corners is bound to make some people suspicious, so be careful out there!

Google’s push toward device agnosticism is good news for all, and hopefully as we start to hear more about the future of iOS in next week’s WWDC, Apple will have plenty to show us about our augmented future.


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