Intel cans its AR glasses project

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Proving that getting virtual and augmented hardware right is a tricky proposition, the mighty Intel is the latest firm to give up on the idea. Shuttering its wearables group which includes the Vaunt smart AR glasses revealed back in February, Intel put out the usual “not all our designs are launched on the market” statement.

As the latest in a wave of vendors to bow out or fold from the market, it leaves AR through iOS and Android and devices as the ever-stronger candidate for how the world consumers AR. Also, it leaves Magic Leap with one less competitor to worry about, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Magic Leap becomes the defacto western standard for AR in the coming years.  Even then, it is unlikely to ever get close to mass market adoption, given the struggles of all the VR vendors.

Hopefully, not too many developers were invested in the Intel project, and any code can be relatively painlessly ported to the next vendor who pops up with an AR glasses solution.

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