Lightform’s Projected AR Goes Live Soon

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Projected AR is now a reality for all manner of marketing commercial and artistic uses, with kits priced at a tasty $699. After a couple of years of development and demos to tease the market, Lightform’s LF1 technology connects a piece of scanning hardware to a typical 4K or HD projector. Epson is providing the relevant hardware as a bundle, with the Kinect-like scanner mapping the surfaces in front of it, and designers doing the arty stuff with Lightform Creator software.

That enables them to show off waterfalls running down the stairs, forests to bloom in front of a static image and so on. Pre-orders are being taken now for a November launch. Read more detail on the company’s blog post  and there are some clever use examples going up on the company’s site today.

Having everyone in a room being able to see the same effect, without the need for phones or apps will make for greater engagement, a more social experience and the high-fidelity of the imagery should be able to capture imaginations in ways that looking through a screen cannot capture.

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