Magic Leap Kits Now in the Hands of Developers

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Magic Leap developer kits are now supposed to be out there in the wild. If you can call locked in a safe and shielded from public view at all times in the darkened offices of a few lucky early developers, “the wild.”

While names and projects are largely secret for now, it seems that VR developer Groove Jones has signed up as an early-access developer, and certainly has the creative chops to do great things with the technology.

Expect the list to slowly reveal itself and while we may still be many months or a year away from the first sizeable projects, some news is sure to leak out.

In related news, it looks the company is in the market for further investment with Magic Leap tech being demonstrated to a Saudi royal during his US trip. With billions being spent on R&D and development, will the money run out before a meaningful launch? Or will Magic Leap be a true step forward in interactive and immersive tech?


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