Magic Leap using the NBA for a profile boost

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Outside of the tech industry, no one has heard of Magic Leap, the company with what could be the killer app for AR, unveiled last year.  The Leap One glasses and software might be the coolest tech gadget ever, but if no one gets to hear about them, who will care?

So, the company has got together with the National Basketball Association to raise its profile thanks to the ability to watch highlights and classic clips, presumably with some AR enhancements. Here’s a video from a recent Recode event where the two companies discuss the possibilities.

There’s some more detail from a company blog post.

With Magic Leap, fans will be able to watch NBA games with groundbreaking features that overlay data into their sport-viewing experience, with screens placed all around their environment. We’ve even used volumetric capture to bring a life-size Shaquille O’Neal presence right into your living room. At launch we will have a curated list of archived NBA games featuring the most exhilarating matchups from recent seasons, as well as a selection of highlight clips of your favorite teams and players. We are working towards bringing the live NBA game experience to Magic Leap One.

And who better than 90s hero Shaquille O’Neal to model the glasses, if they’ll fit on his sizeable noggin, then they should fit anyone’s head. Shaq himself is a busy guy right now with the news that a new Shaq Fu fighting game is on the way some 20 years after the original.

Expect plenty more profile-boosting tie-ins as the company prepares for launch later this year.

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