Mapbox snaps up Fitness AR for augmented run mapping

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The number of augmented apps is growing fast, so much so, we hadn’t even heard of Fitness AR, which launched a couple of months ago using ARKit on newer iPhones. That’s possibly because of we don’t jog to the nearest MacDonalds!

For those of a more healthy persuasion, you might have seen the app with the ability to visualise your run in 3D using Strava data dropped into a 3D map. Obviously, it looks more impressive out in the hills or mountains, rather than along your flat urban runs, which could see people heading further afield!

Those who like to see just how many hills they ran or pedalled up, and how steep they were, will be able to do so for free thanks to Mapbox. The new owners plan to add weather, gaming (giant relay or virtual tag races seem like an obvious addition) and other features to the app, so keep an eye out.

Is there time in your health regime for staring at maps and feeling the burn before it starts? Let us know what your favourite augmented features are.

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