Museums could be the big winners with AR

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Marketers and advertisers like to talk big about AR, but when it comes to having a real impact, it could be museums and exhibits that could do best with augmented technology.

For a start, with everyone bringing their own devices, museums don’t have to worry about handing out expensive digital guides or other hardware. Secondly, museums can bring static or long-dead exhibits to life through apps or QR codes that trigger a quick download. It is not hard to imagine dinosaurs roaming the halls or WWI planes flying about the ceiling.

Subjects as diverse as complex physics or geological processes being explained in front of each person, in their own language, at their own pace, without the need for booths or big-screen displays.  Yes, some investment will be required, but the ability to share images on social media will make museums seem far more attractive to the digital generation and boost visitors.

Also, with AR tech, museums can take certain exhibits on tours or promotional trips, such as malls or shopping centers and still create big, grand, experiences to attract people to the main site.

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