New York Times shows off David Bowie in AR

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Augmented reality isn’t just about games and marketing. Modern media is also taking the technology to its heart. Take a look at this New York Times piece on the impact of David Bowie and his out-there personality and costumes. You’ll need a recent iPhone, iPad or Android tablet running AR Core or ARKit to get the full experience, but it is well worth it.

It is also a great way for cultural pieces, digital storytelling and other efforts to stand out from the crowd. Passive consumption of imagery and video is wasted on most sites, with HD and 4K images wasted on them. AR allows people to inspect and interact with the imagery, to get up close and personal or understand more about them.

Yes, it takes more effort to put pieces like these together, but with more sites headed to subscriptions to beat off the advertising slump, it is just one way to attract readers and gain some loyalty. And, as AR-capable devices become more common, readership will pick up as those who can’t see the full story choose to upgrade.

Let us know if you have found some great AR content online that made you pay attention and helped you feel part of the story.

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