Niantic Talks Planet-Scale AR

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The thing about having a unique platform, is the power of first mover advantage. Lots of other companies might have cloned or riffed on Pokemon Go, but Niantic benefits from the massive revenue from that game to drive its tech forward. Now, the company is talking about its plans for global-scale AR engines and more.

This is a bit of a touchy-feely video, basically a big job advert, but if the company wants to shout about: “the world’s only planet-scale augmented reality platform for current and future generations of augmented reality hardware. We think of this platform as a global operating system for applications that unite the digital world with the physical world.” Then we should listen as amazing things in AR could come about thanks to this technology.

Presumably, the engine will be provided to other developers, so we don’t just get a stream of cute monster games, and the idea of the whole world being invited to play in some linked augmented world is rather enticing. We look forward to seeing what comes out of Niantic next, other than the upcoming Harry Potter game.

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