Nitro Nation ARKit support puts your cars on the street

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Game and other developers are now ramping up their support for ARKit ahead of the new iPhones, arriving shortly. One great example comes from Nitro Nation developer Creative Mobile. They’ve added a view mode for an upcoming update that puts the cars from the game with tons of detail, cool lighting and shading in your home, garage or out on the street to take some neat pics with.

With over 300 million downloads to its name, the game has plenty of fans and players on the new generation of phone will be able to show their custom rides off in real life situations to friends, helping to build the buzz for AR. Nitro Nation features around 50 licensed car models for realism from Alfa Romeo, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen,  and other marques.

Players can pick from after-market wheel rims, tint jobs, body modifications in any colour around the car, with unique finishes decals to create something that people will want to shout about to their buddies.

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