PayPal Checks Out with AR Tech

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PayPal is all about the money, not something we’d immediately think of as benefiting from an augmented reality feature. However, since the company works with so many stores and online retailers, there’s plenty of room for experimenting.

Therefore, the patent ‘Augmented Reality View of Product Instructions’ doesn’t sound too far-fetched, outed by CNBC could gain some traction. Using AR glasses, or more likely a smartphone, it basically works when someone sees something they like. The app can identify the product or service and order it there and then. It could also provide more detailed information about any product. It also sounds rather like an app helping set up that new gadget, flat-pack furniture or other product.

Either way, people use their mobiles more and impulse purchases are a key feature, and PayPal wins if it can take a cut of the sale or its usual transaction fee. Many patents never make it past the design stage, but this could be a winner, if a dozen other companies don’t get their first.


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