Play Navies vs. Monsters in The Ancients, Arriving 15 May

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Up for pre-order on the iOS store, ARKit-powered The Ancients is nearly ready to set sail. At $2.99 its a modest investment in one of the best-looking AR games around and weighs in at just under 1GB.

In it, you lead an alliance of Ancients – powerful gigantic creatures who can tip the balance in massive augmented sea battles. Commanding a fleet of ships you must take on an opposing fleet, using your ships’ weapons and the powerful spells of the Ancients to tip the balance in your favour.

Gotta love the advert, hopefully it will get the game plenty of coverage for launch. Now we have some critically interesting titles on the way, there should be a lot more interest in AR generally, which should translate into sales and more developers taking notice of the possibilities.


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