Save the World in AR with WWF Free Rivers

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Rivers are a key source of water, food, transport and a primary way of protecting the environment. Don’t believe us, check out WWF Free Rivers new iOS augmented reality app that helps students understand the ecology of rivers and basins, and what happens if too much or too little water enters the system, or if humans change the landscape.

Making the app provides a new level of reality that goes beyond news headlines, dry natural world documentaries and eco-warrior posts. Instead, people can see on their table how a living ecosystem can change over time, with the impact of dam building and other changes all a part of the experience. Check out this quick demo.

With different landscapes based around the Himalayan mountains, tropical jungles, African savannah, South American grasslands, and Southeast Asian deltas, there’s plenty to see, do and learn from this experience that shows a strong future for ecological learning and helping promote positive messages.

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