Stranger Things 2 goes AR for fans

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The second series of Stranger Things hardly needs any marketing help, as Netflix fans around the world go binge-watching into the Upside Down. But to help engross fans, the production company partnered with Snapchat for an AR lens that provides a distinct look at the home of Will, Jon and Joyce Byers.

Afflicted, or whatever you want to call it, by the beings from beyond, Will’s home acts as a bizarre base of operations. That’s as he is haunted by new visions and his friends seek to reunite with Elle. Without giving anything away, plenty of new friends turn up for this must-see love letter to 80s sci-fi nostalgia.

If you’ve seen all nine episodes already, don’t spoil it, but feel free to use the lens for a spooky look inside the house where all the strangeness happens.

Do let us know if you’ve seen any other cool TV or film tie-in AR examples.

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