Telling stories can be made brilliant with augmented reality

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From sports arenas to museums, from restaurants to woodland walks, there’s a growing trend to use AI to help tell a story. Bringing an object, relic or a story to life makes it more accessible, especially to the young. It can also make the experience more personal than reading the same information sheet along with everyone else. But while the technology is exciting, creators should not get carried away.

Businesses and institutes looking to use augmented reality need to focus on the story, not the technology. This is being made easier with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARZone, making developers less reliant on bespoke apps or development tools. But there still needs to be something that resonates with the user or “gets them in the feels” to use modern phrasing.

Whatever the location, whatever you are trying to show off, the creators need to ensure that AR is being used in an original and inspiring way, otherwise the technology could easily be discarded as a novelty and left unused, to rot digitally along with so many other good ideas.

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