The 5 Major Players in the Augmented Reality Space

Augmented reality is a boom area for developers, cutting edge creatives, marketers and others. This list of the top 10 demonstrates the influence they can have on the market, and the world in general as the technology comes of age. From the legal grounding of AR to its future benefits for all humanity, these are the people you need to follow.

Jeff Norris (NASA, Apple)

When your resume includes lots of AR heavy-lifting for NASA and then you get hired by Apple to lead its AR projects, you know you are pretty high up on the augmented food chain. Likely working on Apple’s AR glasses project, he could focus his expertise to help bring all kinds of awesome to consumers around the world.

Meron Gribetz (Development)

Meta is a big name in AR glasses-based systems and content creation via Meta 2 for businesses and creatives. As the boss who stands up bringing the latest and greatest concepts to audiences at forums and trade shows around the world, Meron is someone worth following if you want a detailed discussion on where AR is heading.

Cathy Hackl (Marketing)

An augmented and mixed reality producer, speaker, and marketing specialist, Cathy know what’s what when it comes to the world of promotion via augmented reality. Helping brands use new technologies to tell immersive stories, she sees the power of AR to help tell those stories and has a book in the pipeline, if you want to know how to sell with AR, she is an essential follow on Twitter.

Brian Mullins (Law)

If you are going to bat for AR in the first US Congressional Hearing on augmented reality, then you had better know your stuff. Brian Mullins is an expert on the legal issues surrounding AR, which could have huge consequences as people bound around society in a mixed reality world. Who is to blame when information is misleading, or when people bump into real world objects ignored by their AR guide?

Jeri Ellsworth (Games)

A Valve alumni, Jeri knows the games industry which is a big advantage for the CastAR company that she co-founded and saw Kickstarted and heavily venture-capital backed. While the hardware-focused company bit the dust earlier this year, hopefully the games they were developing will survive and come to other platforms, follow her to see what comes next.