The Best Augmented Reality Examples

Updated: September 2017

Augmented reality has come a long way in a short space of time, but every week brings a new creative example of AR featuring across gaming, marketing, retail and other use cases. Check out the best of the best when it comes to using AR to make a difference.


Sticker books may seem like a product from your childhood, if you’re of a reasonable age. But Tesco and Disney took theirs to new heights in 2014 with augmented reality Frozen animations to bring the stickers to life.

Zombies Go

Gaming and zombies go hand-in-hand, so an augmented version was always going to attract interest. Mixing the real world and the undead is great fun, but just think where this will be when a glasses-equipped version is available.

Lynx Angels Will Fall

To get a sense of how impressive AR is, let’s go back a few years to when this was a new concept. Deodorant brand Lynx started dropping AR angels next to people at a train station to see their reactions.

Yu-Gi-Oh card games

A more up to date example of great AR is the tech bringing the world of card games up to date for the eSports audience. They are used to watching players battle it out on big screen PCs and consoles. But by adding AR to the traditional card game, these too can become a spectator sport.

Apple’s ARKit is key to success

Many developers are working right now on cool uses for Apple’s ARKit that will come with the new iPhone. Here’s just one example of the high-fidelity graphics we can expect, in this case with a God-sim/builder game which even in its early form, looks pretty awesome.