The Walking Dead Shuffle into AR Gaming

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Zombies and dinosaurs remain the most prominent crossover media heroes, so it is no surprise that The Walking Dead are shambling into AR thanks to Finnish developer Next Games.

The new The Walking Dead: Our World mobile game for iOS and Android lets you battle the walkers on the streets, causing strange looks and possible mayhem if you get too into the game. Players can collect AMC’s The Walking Dead characters Rick, Daryl, Michonne and others to join in the fight, and team up with friends using local maps for mass battles.

The developers plan regular updates, with weekly challenges, new weapons, shelter building and more to keep the content fresh, unlike those stinking corpses, all of which should make a welcome break from chasing cute monsters around the streets.

The Walking Dead might also help get more adults interested in AR, even if they only try the game out casually. Since zombies have successfully invaded many gaming series like Call of Duty, wonder how long it will be until they try a zombie AR spin-off of their own.

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