Try Your New Watch in Augmented Reality

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Ordering watches online seems to be a thing these days with plenty of TV adverts for those too lazy to go to a store and try a few on. Making that lazy approach even lazier is WatchBox. They provide an app and a paper watch you print out, and can then visualise yourself wearing any of the stylish designer pre-owned watches in their huge range, no imagination required.

The company invested $200,000 in developing the app, which makes it easier for potential buyers to see how their watch will look. New watches from the latest ranges are also available to “try on”, including new products from names like Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Tag Heuer, to encourage big spenders, but surely they’ll be picking them up when next in Monaco Harbour or when shopping by Lake Geneva?

WatchBox’s venture into AR is led by the company’s new Chief Technology Officer, Shri Ballal. With Ballal’s industry expertise in creating authentic user experiences within the gaming industry, the AR component was developed in-house with some assistance from an outside agency. WatchBox’s continued dedication to marrying retail with technology is one of many reasons Singapore-based CMIA Capital Partners invested in the company last year.


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