Where’s the hero for augmented reality?

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With the news that the BBC is bringing augmented reality to a major historical documentary series, Civilisations, it helps raise the profile of the technology. People can look at augmented artefacts close up, with over 500 pieces of art on the show, and perhaps if successful we’ll see this used in future David Attenborough epics and other shows from major broadcasters.

The show is on this spring around the world, and we wait to see how many people will experiment with the iOS and Android app, which launches soon. Putting AR in the hands of a million new users would be an impressive feat, but it does beg the question, where will AR go next and who will make it a must-use feature?

Movies and TV drama to champion AR?

Sports apps have tried for some time, games are struggling to keep an audience interested with the likes of Arise, so its likely that TV and movies will lead the way. How about an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix that adds user-AR as a key concept of that episode where we can join in with what the characters are viewing?

If not Netflix, then Apple or Amazon is getting very keen on TV content and might try to use ARKit or ARCore as a feature. Education and entertainment shows would be fertile ground for testing out the technology, but as we saw last year, stick a Storm Trooper in AR and everyone goes crazy, for a while. But place AR as part of the movie or one of the upcoming TV series as a key component and it could transform how people view and engage AR.

Where do you think AR could make the most impact? And have you seen any examples or rumours that could highlight the next big thing?

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