Will augmented reality move from phone to glasses?

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Snapchat is already hard at work cramming features into its spectacles. And now with the news that Facebook is developing a pair of augmented glasses, how long until we are all staring at an augmented world as we go about our daily business.

The glasses come from the Oculus part of the company, that Facebook acquired a¬†couple of years back for its virtual reality technology, but there’s little synergy between social media and VR. However, it was always likely that the company would have an augmented product in the words and with this patent news, we could be getting closer to some serious AR glasses technology.

That could come from Apple, Google, Facebook or another competitor as everyone tries to shape how we view the world in the digital age. That’s assuming people are attracted by what’s on offer.¬†Would it really benefit us if every shop is blazing at us with digital offers and adverts?

However it ends up working, there are many positive applications from instructional and step-by-step guides showing in front of the product, without the need to hold a phone, tutorial videos and other benefits. It could also make gaming a lot more fun, but only time will tell what the key applications are, and only when millions of users have these on their faces.




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